The Berry Farm

Please note we will not have pies and blackberries until we can make the items with fresh blackberries!

The Berry Farm (previously JB Farm Market) is a roadside stand with all things Blackberry including fresh berries, pies, jams and more. We are seasonally open from July through September.


Farm Market

All blackberries and baked goods are available at our Farm Market or you can order ahead by calling 937-594-9173.

  • Pre-picked Blackberries

    • $5 per pint​

    • $45 per flat (12 pints)

  • Blackberry Baked Goods

    • Large Pies - $12

    • Large Cobblers - $12

    • Small Cobblers - $7

  • Honey - $8



23861 OH-4, Richwood, OH 43344, USA

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