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U-Pick Blackberries - starting mid July 

Larger, Sweeter Blackberries right from the Vine. No thorns either!

  • $4.99 per pound u-pick

  • $6.50 per pint pre-picked

  • Flat(12 pints) - $65.00

  • Thornless Blackberries

  • Larger & Sweeter than Wild Berries

  • Bushes are on Trellises

  • Plants are up off the ground

  • No digging through bushes

  • We provide baskets 

  • Acres of Fruit available

Pick Your Own: About

U-Cut  Flowers

Available during blackberry season

Come enjoy our beautiful u-cut flower garden. 

-Cups are provided for bouquets.

- You can borrow cutters/snippers

Pick Your Own: Welcome

Flower Trail - Photography Trail

Open during blackberry season

- Per Family Admission

- Borrow our selfie sticks to take some pictures

- Photography passes available for photographers.

Pick Your Own: Opening Hours
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U-Pick Strawberries- Usually Starts end of May

  • Large sweet berries

  • Several varieties to spread out the season

  • We provide baskets 

  • Acres of Fruit available

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